'IDS' may sound like an annoying gastric condition – and you wouldn't be far wrong if you thought that. However, they are the initials of a British politician called Iain Duncan Smith. He once had a very brief stint as Conservative Party leader, which ended not long after a cringe-making speech in which he tried to talk tough like someone who has read one of those cheesy "how to manage" manuals for people with no charisma.

Undeterred by his abject failure as Tory leader, IDS has vowed to make his mark by ridding the UK of what he sees as its "something for nothing" benefits culture. He is particularly proud of the workfare scheme, in which benefit claimants are pimped out to the corporations and even some unscrupulous 'charities' for free under threat of losing their pittance of £71 per week. Our hero was a bit cross, however, when a couple of workfare slaves challenged his prize scheme in the courts and had it declared illegal.

In his determination to keep his beloved workfare scheme on track, he tabled emergency regulations to amend it without having to go through the inconvenience of having the changes debated in Parliament. He also got a little shirty when LBC interviewer James O'Brien refused to be fobbed off by IDS's glib dismissals. Talking of dismissals, the BBC discovered several misleading items on IDS's CV - something that could get most of us mere mortals in deep trouble with our own employers.

Fortunately for IDS, he has a safe Parliamentary seat on a salary of £134,565 plus expenses and a platinum-plated pension. We say that the IDS-o-Matic could do his 'work' of dreaming up loony right-wing policies for a mere fraction of the cost to the taxpayer.

Not that we here at IDS-o-Matic really want to see any of these policies put into action. We trust that everyone who visits here is intelligent enough to know that it is a parody site. If you want to do something to stop the 'real' IDS ruining the lives of the poor and vulnerable in society, pay a visit to Boycott Workfare (no connection with this website, just a very good resource for resistance to workfare).